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Double Duty


Teaching at the Source

By Linda Allen

Supply and demand – engines that drive the marketplace and the economy. The current push for

alternative energy and sustainable living has increased the demand for geothermal technology. Its repu-

tation for energy savings, efficiency and comfort plus tax incentives have boosted its use and popularity

in all sectors from businesses and governmental and educational institutions to homeowners.

To supply the increasing demand for trained geothermal professionals and in response to the national

trend for alternative energies, Mid-Michigan Community College (MMCC), located in Harrison, Michi-

gan, recently upgraded its Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning (HRA) program. New course-

work includes geothermal and solar technologies, which will help match industry demand with employ-

ment opportunities for graduates. MMCC was established in 1965 and offers more than 50 technical

programs for skilled technicians and semi-professional positions in business, industry and health services.