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Volume 8, Number 4


A $1 million retrofit renovated ap-

proximately 5,500 square feet of the

Technical Education Center (M-TEC)

to support coursework in the new tech-

nologies. The renovation includes three

geothermal fields and a solar array. For

the first time in 10 years, all HRA pro-

grams are housed in the same building.

The solar array will partially provide

heat for the center’s boiler system as

well as training for students. The fully

functioning geothermal field will give

students a hands-on lab experience in

the technology. Students will be able

to use computerized sensors to research

and analyze efficiency of the systems

under a variety of conditions.

Mark Todd, HRA instructor with 30

years’ experience as an HVACR me-

chanical contractor, anticipates the pro-

gram will make MMCC a leader in the

growing geo-technology field. “There

are very few programs across the coun-

try that take a close look at the function-

ality of alternative energy systems from

a research perspective. We will be able

to do new research into cutting edge

ideas and research on our own ideas –

something that is not common in com-

munity colleges.”