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Volume 8, Number 4


MMCC’s geo system includes stan-

dard features, but teaching and lab

requirements drove the final design, in-

stead of building needs, said IGSHPA

member, Wayne Kerbelis, project en-

gineer at Peter Basso Associates (PBA),

Troy, Michigan. The ASHRAE multi-

award company has been in business

22 years. During that time, PBA has

completed the design and implemen-

tation for 3.9 million-square-feet of

geothermal heat pump systems serving

educational facilities, the majority for

building renovation projects.

Kerbelis explained that three sepa-

rate systems - a closed loop, spiral hori-

zontal and open loop - were installed to

demonstrate the technology and to en-

PH: (866)646-6724 or (712)652-3424

Manufacturer of Non-Pressurized

Flow Centers, Hydronic Buffer Tanks,

Master Distributor of Polyethylene

Fittings, Fusion Equipment, &

Variable Speed Technology

Ten 8-foot deep

trenches were required

for the slinky system.

(Photos courtesy of Mid Michigan

Community College)