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Volume 8, Number 4


young - in business for 2-1/2 years - it

brought considerable prior experience

to the project with installations includ-

ing a brewery, an automotive museum,

several schools, and a variety of resi-

dences ranging from apartment com-

plexes to mansions.

“Trenching for horizontal systems

requires more space than vertical sys-

tems. The available space for instal-

lation was tight and used the majority

of the landscape. Our challenge was

not to remove any trees or disturb site

utilities,” DeJong said.

When the geothermal field is com-

plete, the students will come – that’s the

intent of MMCC’s faculty. Still in the

development stage is an add-on certi-

fication in geothermal. Students who

have completed an HRA degree will be

eligible for the certification program,

which requires an additional 20 credits.

The six-course program will offer in-

depth study and application in theory

and design and includes the IGSHPA

Three geothermal fields and a solar array are all

part of M-Tec’s $1 million retrofit for their Heating,

Refrigeration and Air Conditioning program.

(Photos courtesy of Mid Michigan Community College)