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Volume 8, Number 4



By Jim Bose

Executive Director: IGSHPA

Schools and Geo - A Really Great Opportunity

GEO Schools are this industry’s premier program. School

Board members look at the long term advantages and make in-

formed decisions. Successful school designers will realize that

the beauty of a mechanical equipment room is soon forgotten

and school board members will talk about more dollars going

into books, improved services and salaries. The key is marketing

green technologies to a public that may or may not be aware

of the economic benefits. School superintendents need more

classrooms and board members desire more efficiency.



The architect/engineering team needs to know as much about

competing technologies as their own GEO. Most of you reading

this already know about what is claimed for GEOs. But noth-

ing sells better than real data about operating and maintenance

costs. Don Penn (

references 20 different types of

delivery systems in his 2010 talk at the IGSHPA Annual Confer-

ence and GEO stood out among these. Mechanical costs were

also very competitive when compared to designs being used in

the industry.

The old KISS principle of keeping it simple and safe cannot be

overemphasized. Is it really necessary to have DDC controls for

a school building with distributed pumping? Go to Kirk Mescher’s

paper presented at the last IGSHPA 2010 Annual Conference


and read about his take of VFD’s.

You’ll find this under the past conference drop down menu.